Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Department of  Geodesy and Surveying
 Prof. Dr. Lajos VÖLGYESI

Degrees: Doctor of the Natural Sciences of  Eötvös Loránd University
Dr Habil of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Occupation: Geophysicist
Areas of researches,

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Gravity field of the Earth (Physical geodesy)
Rotation of the Earth
Mathematical geosciences
Transformation between map projection systems
Engineering Seismology
University subjects: Geophysics
Foundations of Geophysics
MSc. Geophysics
Foundations of Physics
MSc. Physical Geodesy and Gravimetry
Physical Geodesy
Engineering Seismology
Others: Curriculum vitae
President of Waterpolo Section of the University Sport Club
Adress: H-1521 BUDAPEST, Mûegyetem rkp. 3. ( Hungary
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