Dr. Lajos Völgyesi
  Foundations of Geophysics
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Ø BSC course

  1.    Origine and history of the Earth
  2.    Earth's magnetic field and geomagnetic anomalies
  3.    Time variation of the Earth's magnetic field
  4.    Base principle of seismology
  5.    Inner structure of the Earth based on seismic waves
  6.    Radioactivity and Gethermics
  7.    Base principle of the Earth's gravity field
  8.    Normal gravity field and gravity anomalies
  9.    Application of gravity anomalies
10.    Time variation of the gravity
11.    Rotation of the Earth (general precession)
12.    Free nutation of the Earth, polar motion and polar wandering
13.    Geotectonics
14.    Written examination